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Teens Strength & Conditioning Program

Thank you to all those who attended and got involved in what I hope will be an ongoing offering on behalf of PhysioFit and West Perth Football Club.

We are in a very exciting time for kids and teenagers where the opportunity to get involved in sport on a professional or semi-professional level is increasing rapidly and particularly opportunities for girls in sport are getting bigger every day.

The harsh reality is that this opportunity to 'achieve the dream' of playing professional sport will only come to a very select few and some of the factors in selecting those individuals is beyond our control. Genetic factors such as height, build and other inherited traits are non-modifiable however many more factors are in YOUR control.

Another major factor in junior sport is your 'time in the game' either training for your sport or playing your sport. If you suffer an injury, you will lose 'time in the game' and depending on the injury, it may be a matter of weeks, months or even a year or more.

A structured strength and conditioning program executed well can make a massive difference to the modifiable factors in your ability to become noticed and potentially take the next step. Likewise, having a history of quality strength and conditioning training will reduce your injury risk and make you more robust/ resilient to the training loads as they ramp up.

Work on developing athleticism, muscle balance, strength, power, speed and speed endurance. Work on areas of weakness as they have the most scope for improvement. Eat well, get adequate sleep and be mindful of recovery as it will enable you to repeatedly perform at your best.

Best of luck to each of you in your endeavours this year.


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