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Group training for EVERY individual

Our group training classes are a balance of physiotherapy and strength training, and we believe can exceed the best results of both. We focus on rehabilitation, prehabilitation and fixing your weakest links. Your trainer will work with you to ensure that you can participate safely and effectively. Every session is unique and we employ a range of techniques and equipment every time, from kettlebell training to callisthenics, high-powered strength training and core development. 

We understand the challenges of fitting a training regimen with your work, your budget and your other time commitments. Our group training classes are conveniently located in the Perth CBD and most classes are conducted early in the morning, before business hours. All mornings classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist and can be claimed on Private Health Insurance. You don't require a Doctor's Referral to claim the rebate on your Private Health Insurance.

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Functional fitness

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Afternoon Group Training Classes

Our afternoon group training classes run twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. These classes follow the same format as the morning classes and are structured by a physiotherapist but delivered by an experienced personal trainer, so no private health rebates apply. If you’re interested in joining our group training sessions please get in touch.

Private Health Insurance Claims

All our 6 am classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist and are able to be claimed on Private Health Insurance. You don't need a Doctor's Referral to claim on your private health insurance.

Sports teams and professional athletes

Physiofit training has proven results in increasing the performance and resilience of professional athletes and sports teams. Craig Soley has worked with sports teams as a physiotherapist, functional strength coach, and strength and conditioning coach since 2007.

West Perth Football Club

  • 2014 Premiers (reserves)
  • 2013 Premiers (league)
  • 2013 Runners-up (reserves)

Subiaco Football Club

  • 2007 Premiers
  • 2008 Premiers
  • 2009 Runners-up


As my doctor said, Craig is one of Australia’s finest athletes – I can only concur.




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